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vintage.clothing…you’re having a laugh!
May 18, 2009, 4:46 pm
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People bandy around the term “vintage” these days, it’s become a something of a fashion buzzword.

To me, most of the “vintage” stuff people buy these days has absolutley no vintage qualities about them at all.
Yeah they might hark back to a different period alright, but these pieces were even back then a mass produced product.

To me “vintage” is a collectible, or something that has a design significance. You could collect vintage, whereas you could throw away
something “retro”.
I think David Silver owner of Decades, a Los Angeles store said it best, “vintage” implies quality, something valuable, whereas “retro”
has a costume connotation”.
Sure, stuff can be made to look like it belongs from a yester-year, but it’s just an imitation.


Another thing that bugs me is when someone says “this t-shirt is vintage”, for example. It’s just a t-shirt, it’s not from another era,
it’s not unique, nor was it worn by by Audrey Hepburn. Sure it might be from the 70’s, but even back then it was mass produced.
If that’s how vintage is judged then i’ve a dozen “vintage” t-shirts in my wardrobe. It was sold in one of these so-called vintage shops.
So-called because most of the stuff they sell, while might be from another period, was still mass produced back then,making it just old.

People can critisize me for this way of thinking, and I know some who do, but that’s my view on the subject.