Excusable Expressions

sound.off #2
July 16, 2009, 10:29 pm
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freddie mercury

With the recent passing of the late, great Michael Jackson it got me thinking that really and truly the artists of these days just aren’t like the stars of days gone by. There’s no one really out there at the moment that just has that real showman stage presence, the quality to truly captivate audiences the world over, that certain “je nais se quoi”, something which Jacko, Freddie or even Elvis had in spades.

Yeah granted that La Roux might be number 1, or fair enough Florence and the Machine’s new album might be getting good reviews, but c’mon, really the’ll just come and go like most other “bright new stars”. We’ll all dance to their beats today but will be talking about someone else tomorrow. None of them having any real staying power the likes of which the true greats had and still do.
The problem is that nothing really differentiates them from the rest, they all want to be seen as different, but in trying to be seen as different they’re just making themselves all the same.


sound.off! #1
June 30, 2009, 8:49 am
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One thing that makes my blood boil is when you might be chattting to a person on gmail, then all of a sudden they just don’t reply, when they quite clearly are still online.

It usually goes something like this..

Fair enough if you started a chat and they never wrote back in the first place, but when they do and ye start to have a conversati….BAM!….nothing. To me, it’s just bloody bad manners. I think i’d rather be told by the person that they had to go, or some other excuse. It’s the same as having a conversation with someone in the real world and mid-conversation just walking off on the other person.

It’s just plain rude.

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