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the power gets turned off at the picnic

….continued on from part one

electric picnic crowd


The first act we got to see at the last day of the festival went to Villagers in the Crawdaddy stage…No interest moving on.

We decided to stay in the Crawdaddy tent to catch the Cork born Mick Flannery. Now I had only heard his latest offering “White Lies” in full a few weeks ago and thought it was a nice offering, especially “tomorrow’s paper”, but by god was he a real bore. The man has absolutely no charisma on stage, his dog-faced guitar was more exciting than his performance. All he basically did was tell us the name of the song he was about to play, play it, tell us the name of the next song and repeat and repeat and repeat.
Don’t get me wrong, he sounded great as did the rest of his band, but liven up Mick. The most exciting thing that happened during his set was when a guy in the front row collapsed for a minute.

After Mick we made our way over to the Electric Arena in anticipation of two guys I was quite looking forward to, Simian Mobile Disco. I had heard loads of great things about their live sets as they do everything there on the fly. After a bit of a delay in getting their mobile lighting system ready they jumped right in, but they didn’t really go anywhere. It all just seemed a bit flat, impressive? yes, but just flat. “Audacity of Huge” never reached the heights that it so should of, and I wouldn’t for a second blame the crowd, it just wasn’t there.


Deciding earlier on that I definately wanted to catch the other half of Major Lazer, namely Switch, I left everyone else at the mobile disco and once again made my way over to the Little Big Tent.
If I was underimpressed with Simian Mobile Disco’s performance the same couldn’t be said for Switch’s set. Mixing the likes of Major Lazer with Abba – much to the delight of the crowd – brought about some great results, and he knew it, playing up big time to the crowd.

Seeing as the Electric Arena was running about 1/2 hour late I stayed on for a few mins to hear the opening few mixes of dj/producers Aeroplane, of which previously I had heard good things. I liked. Alot.

I tried to make my way back to the gang for Florence and the Machine but there was no way of that happening as the tent was absolutely jammers, instead deciding on a spot near the edges of the swarm of onlookers. Now I’ve never been a big fan of Flo’ and the Mo’ but in fairness to the girl she does put on one hell of a performance, working up the crowd into fits of hysterics and her voice was just phenomenal live.

Stayed for the opening song from Fleet Foxes and by the end of the same opening song I was already bored.

Then it was decision time, Royksopp or Passion Pit. Big fan of Royksopp’s last album “Junior” and somewhat curious to see if Passion Pit’s front man Michael Angelakos could really go that high live – the brother saw them at this past Oxygen and told me to go, if only to hear his voice. Passion Pit won out. A friend and I headed over quite early to get up close and I was surprised at how many people had the same idea as us. After a short delay in getting the synthesizers working properly they definitely delivered the goods with joyful and playful abundance throughout.

And so it was to the last real act of the festival. Basement Jaxx. I’ve always been a fan of these guys and thoroughly enjoyed have a good old bop beside the flags to some of their classics such as “Rendez-Vu” and “Where’s Your Head At?”. Basement Jaxx always seemed to be classified as a dance act, but i’ve never really agreed with that. They always mix it up, infusing their songs with a wide range of vocal styles and instruments.

And what a fine way to close Electric Picnic 2009.


i’m your biggest fan… chase you down until you love me
September 15, 2009, 2:00 pm
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I think this performance shows off why we all love Lady Gaga so much.

a picnic.electricfied

electric picnic

That’s the only word to describe this year’s Electric Picnic. From the people to the music, immense.

Not going to bore ye too much about the trip down or anything else, the real reason went was for the music, and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.


The first act we went to see was Lykke Li, being completely honest I wasn’t that pushed about going to see her as I’m not the biggest fan of “Youth Novels” but she threw me the first curve ball of the weekend bringing real energy to what I think are really boring songs.

After Lykke Li I met up with some other friends and made my way over to Little Big Tent to see one of the top of my EP list, Major Lazer. Only one half of Major Lazer were on hand – namely Diplo – with Switch not coming arriving till later over the weekend.
The tent was packed and we duly gave it socks dancing away to the likes of “Pon De Floor” and Keri Hilson-esque “Keep It Goin’ Louder”. Diplo even came back out after to do a encore where the place really heated up to one of my favourite tracks of the past while “Hold the Line”.

They even managed a stage invasion of about 30 people.Absolutely mental.

Later we headed back to the Little Big Tent early in order to get in for Diplo, in doing so we caught the end of Buraka Son Sistema’s set. Really fun, gettting us all to get down on our knees and jumping up at the same time, the next best bit of audience interaction after Dan Deacon maybe?
I’m not really what to make sure of the music but it was definitely fun at the time.
The real reason we were there was Diplo, and he didn’t disappoint in the slightest. He came out of the gate all guns blazing and never let up for his whole set, mixing in possibly the best remix of “Bonkers” i’ve personally heard. The man is a genius, between pumping it out then managing to bring it right back down and then cranking it again.
I turned around and all my friends had decided to leave, wasn’t stopping me, I just kept going.

After all that dancing we cooled off in the Body & Soul to some music I can’t even remember who.


First up was The XX… meh, soundly exactly like the cd – which I like, and which is a good thing, but that’s all really, their music is just a bit depressing for me at 3:00pm in the afternoon.
We then headed over to see Marina and the Diamonds and what a likeable person she is. Honest, bubbly and a pretty little thing with a suitably pretty voice. While the tent was by no means full but that didn’t seem to phase her, I get the feeling the people there were already fans and not just looking to pass some time.
Next up was Lisa Hannigan on the main stage. Simple.

james murphy

Popped back to the Little Big Tent after to catch some of James Murphy – LCD Soundsystem fame – and Pat Mahoney’s set. Really enjoyed this as it wasn’t a real thumper, it was somewhat half-way between relaxed and disco. The set had strong LCD vibes and beats running through it, which was kinda cool.

Me and a couple of the girls then headed over to the second curve ball of the weekend… Imelda May.
This woman is seriously slick and has a whopper voice to back it up. She reminded me greatly of the old showbands of days gone by, with not a hiccup to be heard. The band were just as slick as Imelda. The Crawdaddy tent was hopping from the moment she took to the stage till the minute she left. The only thing I didn’t take to on her set was that the encore was ridiculously contrived. I’d definitely like to see her again live as I’d say you’d be in for a good bit of old fashioned fun.

imelda may

We quickly popped over to see a bit of Madness, with a personal highlight being able to see Suggs live on stage. I also couldn’t get over how good they sounded live, better than any cd of them. The audience eating them up with madness.

Next it was over to Chic, where disco fever took over. With the Chic foundation owning the rights to so many disco classics. It really was a case of you had to be there.

And then it was the big one or should I say 2…. 2 Many Djs. It started off with their classic opening of the radio tuning in ever so slowly, catching bits of tunes, static and then finally locking the frequency, and when it does it never really stops. They remixed some absolute classics in with some great modern stuff, with the gang and I not stopping for the smallest amount of time. The argument could be made that some of their stuff has been heard already on some of their Soulwax albums, while this might be true it was only a small portion of their 1.5hr long set, and when it sounds so good who really cares. I’d do it all again in the morning.
The best dj set i’ve ever been too.

To be continued……

disclaimer: this is my take on these artists, obviously some will think i’m wrong.

you’ve missed me haven’t you.
September 14, 2009, 11:46 am
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EP '09

Folks fret no more as I’ve returned to this elusive constant world.
I decided to take some time out as the past couple of weeks have been kind of hectic, between friends returning home, birthdays and the event of the summer that was Electric Picnic ’09.

Service resumes as normal.

the real devil wears……
August 20, 2009, 9:51 am
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Here’s one for all ye budding fashionistas. It’s the trailer to the respected filmaker R. J. Cutler’s latest insight “The September Issue”. A documentary that for the first time ever tries to peer into world of Anna Wintour and the madness that is Vogue.

at the boarding gate
August 20, 2009, 8:37 am
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To go along with the first trailer of Avatar that goes live later today, 20th Century Fox have finally released a bunch of images of Avatar.

// pics courtesy of comingsoon

tune.age! classic #3
August 19, 2009, 7:43 pm
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An absolute gem this time. I was in town the other day and walked into a restaurant to hear this being fed out of the speakers. It instantly reminded me of a very drunken night when my friends and I came home from a night on the rip and stuck in one of Elvis’s greatest hits compilations, where we proceeded to dance our little cotton socks off around the kitchen.

One of my all time favourite songs.

the king – burning love

Song trivia (courtesy of wikipedia) –

  • Elvis recorded it at RCA’s Hollywood studios on March 28, 1972.
  • The song was first recorded by Arthur Alexander, who included it on his self-titled 1971 album.
  • For the weeks of October 21 and 28, 1972, “Burning Love” rose to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100
  • The song was Elvis’s 40th and last Top Ten hit on the US charts.
  • The song was also released on an album titled Burning Love and hits from his movies volume 2 on November 1, 1972.
  • Burning Love was used as a wake-up song on the space shuttle mission STS-123.
  • Though she has never recorded it, Dolly Parton has often included “Burning Love” in her concert set lists, from the mid 1970s on.